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Therapy is a moment for you to talk about your story, current challenges and difficult emotions.

We hear you as a whole, taking into account your emotional, psychological and physical aspects.  Through conversation,  investigative dialogues, which make you get in touch with your emotional challenges and thus, little by little, understand, elaborate and reframe your life.

For us it is a lifelong mission, as we dedicate ourselves to each patient in a unique way, seeking to support their emotional growth and the improvement of their lives as a whole.


Anxiety and depression have been a growing problem in the world and many people do not even realize the extent of their anxiety and/or depression. But it is a serious problem that needs attention.

With that in mind, we offer free, internationally recognized forms for an assessment of your level of anxiety (GAD-7) or depression (PHQ-9).


They are quick questions. After the evaluation, we will give you a feedback on the result.


Enjoy and learn more about yourself.

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There are also some moments in life that your emotional state is challenged. 

  • Loss of a job

  • End of a relevant relationship

  • Loss of a beloved person

  • Unhappiness with a certain aspect of life or in general with yourself.

You can choose to go through it by yourself or with friends, but with professional help is always better.

Or you want to get emotionally prepared for a new challenge : 

  • Carrer transition plans

  • Near marriage

  • Arrival of the first son

If you do that, all those great plans can occur in a smoother and more successful way.

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Many people feel a calling to something beyond emotional well-being. They want to develop spiritually.​

Others feel that they have spiritual gifts and talents such as mediumship, astral projection capacity, clairvoyance, among others, and do not know how to deal with it.

In this program you will have individual guidance and spiritual development sessions to address:

  • Doubts and uncertainties about your spiritual calling.

  • How to identify and develop your spirituality whether or not connected to a religion.

  • I hear voices and/or see figures. Am I sick, crazy or do I have spiritual gifts that I can develop?

  • How to deal with spiritual obsessors from the divine potentials you have.

  • How can I align my career with my soul calling?

Among other topics you may want to address.

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It is a space to talk about everything that afflicts you in terms of spirituality, independent of any religion.

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